The pseudo friendliness of a man intending to pursue
is like a blue rose
painted into fineness
pampered with water
and with just enough time
it will bloom like natural roses do
so he gazed at her as she notices him
and in that affected manner they both start to get to know each other
he admires her eyes that embody his fantasies
she falls in love with the image of him
with the condition of the present that they were in
they digged deeper into the friendship that was efforted to occur
clinging to each other and letting go of the solitary world that had once been
until they became each other’s world, each other’s half, each other’s wings
but like some blue roses in the market
rain eventually washes away the pigment
and the steadfast prince she had fancied in her sleepless nights
was never a prince, just another pursuant likened into a prince
the picture fades and the show ends for her
and he takes back everything he said on faith
they losed themselves in the world they created together
torn back into separate halves as they trully got to know each other
both players instantly bereft of their balance
but the bitter portion of their infatuating story finally goes to an end
as they decide to partway
Of hugs, kisses, bruises, and pain
they separately ventured for their significant other
as forlorn wanderers far from home


I find myself gazing up at the stars at night until I get lost in trance.
I would sit on my bed beside the bedroom window, hugging my pillow and looking out at the gloomy sky.
I see the stars twinkle like they are talking to each other, or transmitting messages.
I wonder if one is for me and I just do not know.
Covered in a black blanket and hidden under a moonlit sky, the whole world seems so vast.
And as the city lights blink from the distance I feel the cool night air kiss my hair.
… and I wonder if you’re out there
looking up at the stars too, thinking the same thoughts, and getting lost in the exact same reverie.




Her hair was of warm sandy color

billowing out in the breeze

it caught the smell of the ocean

pleasing through beauty and perfection

of eyes that seemed to capture heaven’s gate

eyes that never chanced to look at mine

an unblemished smile she owns

then I am caught thoughtfully abstracted

like a wild uproar

these feelings unbeknownst to her I hold.