To the ‘us’ that never was

Your love was the best kind of ecstasy

a mystic delusion

but a figment of my minds’ eye

a cul-de-sac of broken dreams

Question of the day:

“Paano mo ililink ang IT1 sa course mo?”

IT 1 teaches me how to think. As BS Chemistry students who will soon become the nations future chemists, critical thinking skills are very much needed in this course which is what we get to practice a lot in IT 1. For me, logic is the common ground of IT 1 and BS chemistry.

Lessons learned from the exercise:

I learned how to make a skeleton of a website using Hypertext Markup Language and how to make it look better using Cascading Style Sheets. I learned how overlooking the slightest of a detail could ruin everything. This may sound a bit bitter, but it’s a fact applicable to the exercise and down right true to life.


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