The saddest music you gave me

I heard your silence

like bittersweet melodies in my head

a soundless humming in my heart

and I could almost

feel your hands on mine

like where it was before


My hands shiver from their void

longing for the slightest bit of caress from your skin

wafting through its loneliness

catching only dry air in between the spaces of my fingers


Time has stolen our promises

regrets echo in the whispers of the chilly wind

hissing by my side

as I bury uncertainties in misery

as I carry on in the loudest silence I have ever heard

with the saddest music you gave me

An ode to Paris

I cried.

I cried even more because I knew my tears won’t resurrect a life

and then I finished and fought my own thoughts.

Two things. Either I moved on or I refused to deal with

loved ones who had set their sails far from memory’s bay,

as their eyes closed,

never to open again.


Our love was like a little candle lit in open air

it had no chances of withstanding a storm

with little wind blown, the light was gone

and I was left without the littlest spark to light it up again


Unable to conquer

yet we were like fire and water in one planet

we were just what we needed to survive

we were the impossible that became real

Of embraces, passion, wounds, and agony

you where what made sense

like the tilting axis on Earth that put everything right instead

and I needed you like how the tides needed the moon

or like how the moon needed the sun

our love was spontaneous

it was just there

Somehow it found its way into being

an epitome of a best selling novel


…beautiful yet tragic.