How to move on

1.) Write a poem, letter, or message to him but don’t send it. Read it a hundred times, cry over it again and again. Cry until you’ve had enough and then place it somewhere;


To the past inhabitant of Catalonia

whose eyes I caught upon him entering the room first day of class

with head a foliage of curly

then later cut into baldness

bare like what is left of me after trying to distance


I was the lover

in defiance of everything that beckoned he was wrong for me

my heart shall now experience slumber

the rest that it deserves


winsome believer

rather with the pair of eyes that caught me since the first day of class

the gentleman that taught me chemistry

as sparks ignited inside of me

its time to turn these sparks off

before it burns the rest of me


2.) Surround yourself with your true friends/best friends. It’s okay, trust me, you can pour your heart out to them.


3.) Vacation works 🙂  It gives you space and time. But do not go to a place you go to together, you’re not ready for that.


4.) Get your hair cut. Maybe a new look would help? Look way way better than you were with him because hey, you’re a free soul! Who knows, maybe its time to meet ‘the one’. And you don’t want him to just walk past you when the time comes. Babe, you’d want him to feel something the moment he glances at you, and that he couldn’t get you off his mind from then on.


5.) Give yourself time. Of course you need time. You may never forget him but feelings can change, it will if you let it.


6.) It’s time to move on.


2 thoughts on “How to move on

  1. This honestly helps a lot. I feel like I can relate totally to it and “the gentleman that taught me chemistry” was he your lecturer? If so then our situations are mind blowing because I too, caught feelings for one of my lecturers and I thought it was honestly going to work, guess I was wrong. Anyway great advice and the piece itself is amazing, cheers.

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    • To be honest too, although I sometimes write in first person, I write so other people could find themselves in my writings… So people could relate to my writings and tell themselves that what amount of hurt they are going through is “survivable”. I wrote that part because I know student-teacher enigmas are inevitable and with which I failed to address in my previous writings. I hope it truly did help you. I hope this reaches the others so it could help them too. I explained the nature of my writings in the about page. Thank you for stopping by to read 🙂

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