Walls and pavements

It scares me

to have that someone who can look at you as if you could not be more complex than a jigsaw puzzle.

That someone

Who is able to turn the little things you have told into pictures and puzzle pieces. That someone who tries to figure you out. Right when you taught things were hard, it scares me to have that one person unexpectedly come and laymanize things for you.

That someone who can view you as a simplified equation even after you have painted yourself with strong opinions just to cover your lack of factual knowledge. That someone who sees your lapses, knows that you are an erroneous problem but chooses not to count you as an invalid question. That someone who instead looks at you quizzically and corrects the wrong parts so you could finally be solved.

It scares me. It does. To have that someone who got you “all figured out”.


4 thoughts on “Walls and pavements

  1. Same. I have a friend of mine who knew my secrets before I even told him. At first I was thrilled, I felt understood and it was like we matched. But the longer I got to know him the more he kept figuring me out, calling out my bluffs and knowing when I was hiding something. I fear that soon he’ll completely figure me out and he’ll see that I’m just a girl, not an exciting enigma. I’m just some girl, some cliche, boring and dull. That’s what scares me.

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