Nightime thoughts

I wonder what it was all about

Late night conversations that lasted ‘til 3 in the morning

The way we traded stories and you were never boring

The way we talked about our childhood pipe dreams

talked about life outside our spectacle rims

I found out we were so different to each other

Yet we liked the same things one way or another


What was it all about

When you smiled at me with a smile so genuine

My expectations slowly turning sanguine

How I saw you were breaking your boundary

Over our frolics we grew merry

How I came to putting down my walls without a clue

And I was just happy with you


I need to know what it was all about

When we hung around each other

One day and every day after

How the stars became romantic at night

How you caught me in one sight

And I end up contemplating

how we once were and not the ending


3 thoughts on “Nightime thoughts

  1. JMDLEFLORE says:

    Your words flow in and out of each other so beautifully in this work. Its a shame I am at work or else I would have penned some thoughts that this piece was whispering to me subconsciously. I may have to put you away and return when I’m off, ton of thoughts are coming.

    Liked by 1 person

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