Before dawn


Waking up beside her ghosts as the mind’s eye dwells

Unsafe in the tawny silence of the morning gray

The past deadly echoes like faint phantom bells

There’re no tides to turn leaving questions at bay


When thus alone the memories thwack

The air is still and the road is lonely

For none else in his abode to come back

To work he walks alone in dilly-dally


Ardour minutes lay in its approaching

The sky an azure with pearly whites

He keeps walking as daylight is in its coming

At the end of the tunnel he’ll catch the morning lights

A love outgrown

Memories of her in his wrinkles

No love can stop the clocks

Hidden under the vast moonlit sky

Something bolder than a star twinkles


They’ve a love that feasts in passion

Diametric to the congruent of desolate

She spelled home to him unswervingly

Not given in to any temptation


Cascading feelings beneath the clocks

The world does not know of

They had each other in their hands

Long walks and late night talks