On remembering us

I remember the words once said
glimmers of hope lit up
butterflies awoken from sleep
’til every song that touched my ears
spoke of only one name

I remember the silhouette of the moon
tha faint fantom stars
the warmth of a hand
the memories of the night

I remember the living dreams
and then every promise you broke
I’ll remember and I’ll run away
I remember and I stop

Someday, the songs I hear
won’t be about you.
Someday, I’ll forget
why I even bother remembering.


We live in a world where black is darker than white even when white is a combination of all colours. People fear the vast emptiness of the night and forget to look up and see that it only takes one small circle of white light to brighten our world. For the lover crying at the corner of the bed, for the man with the other woman, for the lost who fell hopeless when the lights faded, and for the most of humanity, faith escapes at night.We hold on to broken dreams. We play with the possibilities. We trust our dreams on dying stars.


There are whispers of “I love you”
that give people warmth
in cold silent nights,
when the world seems to be asleep
but love doesn’t sleep.
It’s the same breathe that screams at hearts
when the memories replay
in cold silent nights.

Echoes will haunt,
tears won’t run out,
dreams will stay as dreams – unreal.

And when the day comes
you will finally understand
why break ups are called break ups.