Have you heard the sound of love?

Have you heard the sound of love?


it isn’t the sound of bells or chimes

that you suddenly hear.

I thought it would be like

hearing my favorite song

in my head,

first thing when I wake up.

And I would first check my phone

if he texted.

I have been waiting

for so long

to hear the sound of love

what’s it like…

They say you’ll know

when you finally hear it

Is it the sound of strings

while I play the harp with passion

and so much patience and dedication?

Maybe it’s a sweet yes

when you’ve asked her out

on your first date.

Maybe it’s an apology

when he finally comes back

when you thought he wouldn’t.

Maybe it’s a confession

when somebody tells you

the feelings are mutual.

Or maybe I’d never hear it

until the first cry that rings

through the whole labor room

after giving birth.

One day I realized,

I have been hearing the sound of love all along.

But it isn’t like any of that,

after all,

love works in unexpected ways.

It wasn’t like hearing bells or my favorite song,

It wasn’t like music at all.

It was his voice

first thing in the morning

last thing before falling asleep.

Yesterday and tomorrow

is how I knew

it was love.

It was finally love.