City of hearts

Beneath the glittered meadows of the black cloaked sky
where the buzzing lights don’t sleep
and cars flow like a school of fish in river traffic
flesh and bone feeds the soul obliviously
business is livelihood
hearts are traded for company

this is the breathing ball we set our feet


It takes some physics to fall out of love

It takes some physics to fall out of love
something more logical to know the truth
that when I became too attracted to you
you became the center of my planet

a gravity holding everything together
and if I taught it through
it was the same gravity that stopped me from soaring
but to me you were so much more than that

you weren’t just gravity itself
you were the planet
my home
you were where I belonged

and I was water
your world would be without life
you needed me too
you were the planet and I was water

we belonged together
even if I kept trying to escape I’d fall for you again
so until I am strong enough to break out of this
made up universe of ours

I may never be able to convince myself
not enough to think
you are not my world
we are just people

that I am not like water
you needed me less than I think
the slightest of sparks that ignited the big bang
didn’t create a separate universe for us

Withered flower

To the last petal that drops on the soil

time had gone so vividly

for every noontime sun taking away the morning mist

you have waited for feelings to past

and now the last petal had dropped

and there’s nothing but a browned stem

how did it come to be

that your memories are still very fresh

repeating themselves like the sound of raindrops on roofs


Lost, not found

that bouquet of roses in the garbage

have you seen the girl crying at the corner of her bed

Is she sleeping with her ex

has she gotten that text

she had been waiting for

the last two weeks

It’s past ten

Is she sleepy

Is she still waiting

what does she want

a call

a text

an apology

I’ll give it to her

have you seen her


in love


I’ve been looking


to find her

hug her

whisper empty promises

in the nights

her soft caress

innocent and pure

her voice

my cold heart

craves for the warmth

of her flawless skin

I’ll give her all of my cold heart

and when I do

I need her to believe

to believe in me once again

She is somewhere

hiding in the corner




 I want her mine

and I want more than her

She is probably wondering who I  really am

I’m the guy she broke herself for

she probably forgot me

she had probably

already moved on

or maybe

maybe she doesn’t even

know me

maybe she is yet to meet me

maybe I left her without knowing

what I had to lose

maybe she’s waiting for me

I still want more of her

I’m coming back for her

She is hollow inside

she is wondering who emptied her heart

who took it with him

trapped it in a bottle with the others

have you seen her

If you see her

please tell her

she needs a little light

tell her it was me

-Mr. wrong


Have you heard the sound of love?

Have you heard the sound of love?


it isn’t the sound of bells or chimes

that you suddenly hear.

I thought it would be like

hearing my favorite song

in my head,

first thing when I wake up.

And I would first check my phone

if he texted.

I have been waiting

for so long

to hear the sound of love

what’s it like…

They say you’ll know

when you finally hear it

Is it the sound of strings

while I play the harp with passion

and so much patience and dedication?

Maybe it’s a sweet yes

when you’ve asked her out

on your first date.

Maybe it’s an apology

when he finally comes back

when you thought he wouldn’t.

Maybe it’s a confession

when somebody tells you

the feelings are mutual.

Or maybe I’d never hear it

until the first cry that rings

through the whole labor room

after giving birth.

One day I realized,

I have been hearing the sound of love all along.

But it isn’t like any of that,

after all,

love works in unexpected ways.

It wasn’t like hearing bells or my favorite song,

It wasn’t like music at all.

It was his voice

first thing in the morning

last thing before falling asleep.

Yesterday and tomorrow

is how I knew

it was love.

It was finally love.