Dear reader,

I have bled every single emotion and I have tried my best to put them in these pages. I will write until you run out of tears to find in these words. Tears that are products of every dote you lost, products of so much affliction that they never had enough strength left to carve their path tracing down your cheeks. And I will be honest with you to say that I am not there with you. Truth be told, I am mostly not in these writings.  In fact, I have never been in any real relationship that I wander at the thought of whether I have any right to write about these things. But I am a wallflower, in the eighteen years that I have lived I have seen the people around me break so hard that they crumble back to their cradle. Love is a different kind of war but as long as I am standing I will give a hand to those who have fallen. These writings are not about me, despite most being written in first person. I want you to find yourself in them. I want you to find yourself and get yourself back.

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Roma Pi says:

    First, thank you for suddenly stumbling by my blog.:) I said it’s fate.

    Here’s a reply here then. I’m glad that you are extending a hand to fallen souls. When you say that you write (but with only borrowed emotions) and you’re not in them, I say you are. You are a writer and you can be anyone, anything in any point of view. I understand that when it comes to “experience”, you’re not there yet but making people believe that you are what you write (been there, done that) is an amazing talent. Keep writing and explore the power of your words!

    I want to get myself back. So, yes, I’ll be reading your works from time to time. 🙂

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