On waving the white flag



Come what may
to a love languishing for years in the dungeon
confined in a heart that hasn’t yet moved on
a love yearning to be set free
to taste the sweet days of liberty

In the Armageddon of love you had built a fortress
to guard what love you had left with the benefactress
holding on beyond your last line of defense
when your stronghold, your lover, in quintessence,
has long abandoned you in the battle

Oh come what may
to the lover
with a love languishing for years in the dungeon
for after you have freed that love, o’er
awaits the unbitter days of liberty in hone

yes true liberty awaits
after you wave the white flag
after you give up the war whilst not in hates
so come what may in a shining aromour or in rag,
because only after then can you find

one to fall into peace with and a soul to be bind