I find myself gazing up at the stars at night until I get lost in trance.
I would sit on my bed beside the bedroom window, hugging my pillow and looking out at the gloomy sky.
I see the stars twinkle like they are talking to each other, or transmitting messages.
I wonder if one is for me and I just do not know.
Covered in a black blanket and hidden under a moonlit sky, the whole world seems so vast.
And as the city lights blink from the distance I feel the cool night air kiss my hair.
… and I wonder if you’re out there
looking up at the stars too, thinking the same thoughts, and getting lost in the exact same reverie.




2 thoughts on “Moonstruck

  1. weewriters says:

    I was completely in a trance when I read that post, that was beautiful! I loved the ending as well, it made me feel good and responsible for myself. Love the background image as well, all around good blog.
    If you ever have a minute check out my blog if you can, I would love your feedback! thanks!


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