Blurring of the dichotomy between dreams and reality

You are in the line
between reality and dreams
on whether we turn into an “us”
or you remain being
my dream
or a shattered dream

Sometimes silence attacks me
so violently at night
I’d sleep with earphones plugged in my ears
fall asleep with the sound of a classical song
it mimics the peace in my mind
before your silence started to haunt me

Sometimes in the day
it’s okay to shut off the world
and go back to bed
maybe it was just a dream
but it felt real
I know this pain is real

Lonesome being

Even with the billions surrounding us
we look up in the night sky 
in the empty space
 we keep watch of the stars
 any signs in the orbit
 just to know we are not alone

 I search for constellations
I’ll let toughts of you 
fill the loneliness I’m feeling
 in the glimmering sky 
twinkling stars 
in the constellations there’re 
images we created for ourselves